Over the years, MHPS has sponsored a number of trees and tree planting schemes in Mill Hill. These include the following:

Hammers Lane In front of Three Hammers Public House

Two Red Oaks – Quercus borealis

Mill Field

White Mulberry – Morus alba – Bequest of Mr & Mrs Organ

Belmont School front Lawn

Atlas Cedar – cedrus atlantica – Planted to replace cedar of Lebanon shattered in the storm of 1987

The Ridgeway
outside Mill Hill School

Tree of Heaven – ailanthus altissima – Planted to replace giant beech felled in the gale of 1991

Collinson Garden,
Mill Hill School

Cedar of Lebanon – Cedrus libani – Planted to replace the cedar in the school grounds felled in the gale of 1987. The original tree was thought to have been planted by Peter Collinson

Angel Pond Green – Planted on the green adjacent Angel Pond

Three bronze or Copper Maples – Acer purpureum

Milespit Hill plantings: there are a considerable number of trees planted in the ‘Wastes of the Manor’ (verges) going down the hill as follows:

• European Ash – Fraxinus excelsior
• Chestnut – leafed tree
• Ash-like tree – perhaps wingnut
• Maple – Acer
• Adjacent Eleven Trees House: Vine-leafed Maple – Acer sissifolium
• Wellingtonia – Sequoiadendron giganteum
• Red Oak – Quercus borealis
• Hornbeam – Carpinus betulus
• Foxglove Tree – Paulonia tomentosa
• Blackthorn/sloe – probably self-sown
• Red Oak – Quercus borealis
• Silver Maple – Acer saccharinum
• Hornbeam – Carpinus betulus
• Copper Beach – Fagus sylvatica purpurea
• Field Maple – Acer campestre
• Wellingtonia or Sequoiadendron – Sequoiadendron giganteum
• Field Maple – Acer campestre

Entrance via Wise Lane

Two Cedars of Lebanon planted (on left) by John Hart and (on right) by Cllr David Clarke

Mayor’s Walk

Trees planted to commemorate each Mayor of Barnet (now continued in Sunnyfield Park)

Higher Meadow

In the higher meadow several specimen trees were planted to create a Barnet Arboretum. The plan was stopped by eco-protests saying that trees would affect the acid grass

Lawrence Street in grassland just north of Reddings Green


in the green area in front of Saracens stand

One metasequoia Dawn Redwood to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II

Saracens Rugby Club

6 multi-stemmed white stemmed silver birch Betula jacquemontii were contributed by the Society to help the greening of the new plaza adjacent to the new West Stand. Subsequently a couple have died.

The Queen’s 40th Anniversary Trees:

When the Nature Reserve was officially opened, some 40 people planted trees and we now are able to show both the name and the type of tree.
Planted by Mill Hill Preservation Society members and friends in the Mill Hill Park (Daws Lane) Nature Reserve to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne 1993. The tree planting was arranged by The MHPS Greenup Committee, John Vail (Chair), Jim Flynn, Mrs Anne Everest-Philips, John Hart and with the support of our able Secretary Marion Dewing.

01.Angela Gratte – Silver Birch
02. Sue Graves – Silver Birch
03. Rev & Mrs Martin Kettle – Field Maple
04. Mrs Caroline Thomas – Field Maple
05. Christine Taylor – Silver Birch
06. Janet Melloy – Common Ash
07. Marion Dewing – Field Maple
08. Mike Haynes – Field Maple
09. Mrs Jasmine Brown – Field Maple
10. Mrs Joan Ellis – Silver Birch
11. Miss Muggeridge – Silver Birch
12. Mr Tom Carpenter – Silver Birch
13. Mr Philip Carpenter – Field Maple
14. Mary Dunbar – Silver Birch
15. Mary Bailey – Field Maple
16. Joy Wardell – Field Maple
17. Mike Lamb – Field Maple
18. Mrs Doris Blair – Common Ash
19. Caroline Mathews -Silver Birch
20. Mrs Winfred Collier – Silver Birch
21. Inglis Gundry – Field Maple
22. Mrs M Austin – Silver Birch
23. Mr & Mrs J S Clarke Silver Birch
24. David & Pat Wildman – Field Maple
25. Mrs M E Wildman – Silver Birch
26. Daisy Townsend – Field Maple
27. Kathleen Meyer – Field Maple
28. Mrs B M Chittenden Field Maple
29. Mr & Mrs D Gratte – Common Ash
30. Mrs M G Hindes – Common Ash
31. Molly Clydesdale – English Oak
32. John Maxfield – Silver Birch
33. ‘Jenny Pugh’ planted by Jack Pugh in memory of Jenny – English Oak
34. Dennis Griffin – Silver Birch
35. George Cherry – Silver Birch
36. ‘Rita Banyard’ planted in memory of Rita – Silver Birch
37. ‘Mike Peppiatt’ planted in
Memory of Mike – Field Maple
38. ‘Prof. & Mrs Warmington’ planted in their memory – English Oak
39. Jim Rae – Silver Birch
40. Cllr. Fred Poole, Mayor of Barnet 1992-1993 – English Oak

Mill Hill Park

The Glasnost Tree

Mill Hill Park Extension

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Society we planted 50 mixed woodland species to the east of the park extension that would have screened the new development that has gone up. Unfortunately, with the very dry summer that followed not many saplings took, which was not helped by the fact that the council mowed the area and cut most of what was left down. A nice idea did not come to fruition.

The green opposite the Rising Sun

Three Mediterranean Pines planted by Lady Hobson our Patron.

The Village Green

One Handkerchief Tree planted to commemorate the Village Green status. Planted by Cllr Hugh Rayner, the then Mayor. There is a plaque.

The Mill Field

In celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee an Acer x Freemanii was planted by the Society 7th October 2012.
This tree had to be replaced as the council damaged the original.

Ashbourne Grove off Hale Lane

Huge elms that died of Dutch elm disease were replaced at the request of MHPS by John Hart with the trees there now, including a cedar.

Daws Lane
(where it meets the A1)

In front of the petrol station a Norway Maple was planted.

The Broadway

MHPS suggested the Gingko Biloba outside Iceland – it is a male tree: the first planted as a street tree in Barnet at John Hart’s suggestion. NB: Later, a female variety of the species was planted outside Mill Hill Wines.