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Images of Old Mill Hill

Mill Hill was obviously once a very beautiful ‘rural’ place and the pictures touch on aspects of Mill Hill that have now disappeared. The images are from members and MHPS archives, but most of the original images are held by the Local Studies Centre. A link to their website is included on the links page.

01 Hay Making on local farm late1800's.JPG

02 Highgate to Edgeware line built c1867.JPG

03 Vincett's The Butchers c1894 by Ron Pooke

04 Angel Pond & Jeanettes c1900.jpg

05 Green Man Inn, Hale Lane c1900.JPG

06 Mill Hill Village Green c1900.JPG

07 Partingdale Lane c1900.JPG

08 'The Plough' Inn Holcombe Hill c1900.JPG

09 'The Rising Sun' Highwood Hill c1900.JPG

10 Means of Transport c1902 Andrew Dunlop JP in his phaeton.JPG

11 Wooley's Farm, Sanders Lane c1902.JPG

12 'Angell & Crown' Inn, Angel Pond c1905.JPG

13 The Kings Head and the Ridgeway c1905.JPG

14 Hale Lane towards 'The Broadway' c1906.JPG

15 The Old Adam & Eve, The Ridgeway c1906.jpg

16 Lawrence Street Farm c1910.jpg

17 Sheep Wash Pond The Ridgeway c1910.jpg

18 Station Road (looking toward 'M&S') c1910.jpg

19 The Middlesex Regiment at Inglis Barracks c1912.JPG

20 Lawrence Street (later The Broadway) c1915.jpg

21 The United Kingdom Optical Company c1919.JPG

22 Sacred Heart Church Broadway c1923 by Marion Rhodes.JPG

23 Gasworks Mill Hill East 1926.JPG

24 The Broadway c1930.JPG

25 'Three Crown's' Inn, Nan Clark's Lane c1937.JPG

26 Mill Hill Station moves for the M1 c1950.jpg

27 John Laing's, Page Steet - 'building the M1' c1959.JPG

28 'M J Lamb' - Village shop closed c1974.JPG