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These reports tend to relate to major projects in NW7. The Society also comments on smaller schemes, including householder applications, where we feel that a scheme impacts the local neighbourhood. These comments can generally be found on Barnet’s online planning portal under the relevant application reference. Articles in this section can be read or downloaded.

MHPS submission on extra 52 flats at NIMR – May 2020

MHPS submission on Local Plan consultation March 2020

MHPS submission on Partingdale Lane gas peaking plant Feb 2020

MHPS submission on IBSA House development January 2020

MHPS submission on Fir Island, Burtonhole Lane October 2019

MHPS submission on 52 extra flats at Ridgeway Views August 2019

MHPS submission on to Secretary of State on Pentavia August 2019

MHPS submission on IBSA House, The Ridgeway April 2018

MHPS submission on St Vincent’s, The Ridgeway April 2018

MHPS submission on the Mayors DRAFT PLAN FOR LONDON February 2018

MHPS submission on Pentavia residential development January 2018

MHPS submission on NIMR Amendments September 2017

MHPS submission on Millbrook Park, Phase 5, June 2017

MHPS submission on St Vincent’s landfill project March 2017

MHPS submission on Saracens West Stand for Copthall February 2017

MHPS submission for Hasmonean School, in Copthall playing fields, December 2016

MHPS submission on Pentavia residential development dated 9th November 2016

MHPS submission for the development of the NIMR Site, The Ridgeway, August 2016

Arts & Crafts Movement June 2013

MHPS submission on Saracens revised application Copthall October 2011

MHPS submission for Barracks Site Outline Planning Application December 2009

MHPS evidence at the Mill Hill East Examination in Public 2008

Consultation Paper: Mill Hill East - Area Action Plan (AAP) October 2007

Simmond’s Mead Village Green Application November 2007

Editorial from MHPS News... winter 2007 - on Mill Hill East

Putting a shed in your garden 2007

Density in Planning 2006

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