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Images of Mill Hill

These images of Mill Hill in the 21st C are all taken by our members. They show some of the best of our architectural heritage, and many are of buildings in the Conservation Area. The constant hope is that these images do no end up in the ‘Old Mill Hill’ category. This is what MHPS is all about …

01 View from top of NIMR.jpg

02 Officers Mess, Inglis Barracks,.JPG

03 Blenheim Steps, village High St.jpg

04 The Mill Hill Observatory.jpg

05 Broadway from Flower Lane End.jpg

06 Lawrence Farmhouse.jpg

07 Suburban housing Victoria Road.jpg

08 St Josephs view from South.jpg

09 Houses, Uphill Rd.jpg

10 Tyting, Marsh Lane.jpg

11 Corner of Nan Clarks Lane.jpg

12 York Lodge Highwood Hill.jpg

13 St Francis & St Anthony's Cottge

14 The Old Forge Mill Hill.jpg

15 St Mary's Abbey & Holcombe Hse.JPG

16 Holcombe House The Ridgway.jpg

17 Belmont Sch & the Mst's Lawn.JPG

18 Old Mill Hse & POCottage.jpg

19 Chalet Estate - tending flowers.jpg

20 Marshall Hall, Hammers Lane.jpg

21 Church Cottages, The Ridgeway.jpg

22 St Paul's Church and School.JPG

23 Mill Hill School, Arch of Rembrance.JPG

24 Rosebank old Quaker Meeting Hse.JPG

25 Cottages on Milespit Hill.jpg

26 Mill Hill School, the grounds.jpg

27 The Priest's Hse at St Vincent's.jpg

28 NIMR on the Ridgeway.jpg